Do YOU enjoy watching interesting movies?

If you do, then you’ll also enjoy doing this method of brain training. This brain training method uses a fun addictive creativity method to keep and increase YOUR intelligence called the MOVIE BRAIN GAME.

How do you do the MOVIE BRAIN GAME?

Use this eBooks’ Brain training Tools (story writing tips) to analyze movies that you watch. You simply answer what each tools asks or states about the movie you watched. What you write is called a FILM-FILE.

This eBook has 75 tools and you’ll use many of them. In time you’ll understand and use many more of these tools. Don’t worry about using every tool. Just use the tools YOU like.

Under each numbered eBook tool is its FILM-FILE TOOL with questions and requests that you will answer regarding the movie that you viewed. And by the way, when you answer or apply what a tool asks about a movie, YOU are creative writing, which is a strong method of brain training. There is no writers’ block regarding the MOVIE BRAIN GAME.

This MOVIE BRAIN GAME is that easy to do. Effective brain training doesn’t have to be difficult, but it has to be fun and interesting so that YOU and I will do it consistently.

Albert Einstein considered creativity to be one of the greatest sources of intelligence.


Who is the target market for the MOVIE BRAIN GAME?

This eBook is for those who want to stay mentally sharp. This eBook is for those who want to increase their intelligence using a fun creative method. This eBook is for those who feel they are not getting enough mental stimulation in their lives. This eBook is for all ages wanting to use creativity to increase their ambition and energy.

What is fun, compelling and addictive about this eBook in an ongoing way?

YOU will never quit watching movies, and to have a deeper understanding of films is not only fascinating, but just plain addictive fun.

What is the reward for repeated use of the MOVIE BRAIN GAME?

Information you learn from the MOVIE BRAIN GAME will cause you to observe films in a deeper creative manner. With knowledge being power, soon your creative intelligence will spill over into other avenues of your life. Success stimulates motivation, and success is addictive. Your expanded creative intelligence and stronger vocabulary will give you an increased energy, confidence and ambition to tackle bigger and better life goals.

What are the best movies regarding the MOVIE BRAIN GAME?

It helps if the movies you watch make you think (don’t just watch action movies with explosions and car crashes).

There is no limit to what YOU can write. With writers’ block dismissed, your film-file can be five pages or fifty pages. Don’t worry about the length, or be fussy about the content of each film-file. Just get writing and have fun as you apply this eBook’s tools to that film you viewed.

Continue to play the MOVIE BRAIN GAME with a film until you’re bored with it, then move onto the next movie and again write a film-file. Keep your film-files forever! They are your creations, YOU own them. Come back to your stored film-files at a later date and you’ll be amazed how much your creativity (intelligence) has increased with practice.

You can do this enjoyable MOVIE BRAIN GAME for 10 minutes in your lunch hour (cell phone, laptop) as you think about the movie you recently watched, or for many hours at your home as you write your film-file.

Once familiar with this eBook, read it in the order you like, which means you might open the eBook in its middle and select 5 or 10 tools. You will remember the tools that are your favorites and continue to apply them to your MOVIE BRAIN GAME.

Your film-file will be named after the movie you refer it to. Record your film-file in your computer or laptop (or on paper in a notebook). When you record your film-file’s creative thoughts, list the brain training tool number and write how the movie relates to that tool.

When playing the MOVIE BRAIN GAME, grow your film-file larger and more complex over weeks, months, and years. Watch the movie again and come back to your eBook often for more creative advice. You’ll be amazed how your increased creativity (intelligence) will continue to improve your film-files.

We will never quit watching movies, whether we view one movie a week or one movie a month.

One good movie is enough to supply you with weeks or a month of brain training and creative writing opportunities as you apply your eBook’s tools’ to that movie.

Creating your MOVIE BRAIN GAME film-files is an enjoyable type of brain training that you can and will do for your lifetime. Store your film-files in your computer and refer to them again in six months or a year (or when you again watch that movie). YOUR creativity, intelligence, confidence and brain training will increase as your film-file collection continues to grow.

What is special about THE MOVIE BRAIN GAME’S Brain Training Tools?

EFFICIENCY. They are SHORT, CONCISE, INFORMATIVE AND EFFECTIVE. These summarized tools are what I wish I had had when I started fiction writing. In every screenplay I write, I refer to these story tips to make sure I’ve included everything I need for a solid story.

With math and writing (the two most important subjects in business, university and high school) dependent upon CREATIVITY (right brain), these 75 brain-boosting tools are effective from the teenage years right through adulthood.


THE BASIC DESCRIPTION OF A SCREENPLAY is: identifying the protagonist’s problem and an introduction of characters; an inciting incident that spins the story into its main-body (which can have many acts) which is ‘the drive’ where conflict causes the events to get worse until they arrive at the crisis (showdown); a resulting climax; ending with the resolution.

The MOVIE BRAIN GAME – WRITING A FILM-FILE: With repetition this eBook information will become instinctive when you perform a MOVIE BRAIN GAME film-file. Not every tool will motivate you, but you will have your favorites (10-30 of these tools). A tool that does nothing for you at this moment might be your favorite tool in a year or two.

Sometimes with these eBook tools I start in the middle – that’s the beauty of it, it’s a collection of tools that you and I can play with as we desire. In my lunch hour or bus ride I open my phone and pick out five eBook tools that I apply to the movie I watched recently. When I’m relating that movie to the eBook tools, I’m brain training. It’s that simple. When I get home I write those ideas into my film-file (MOVIE BRAIN GAME) for that movie.